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In today's material, we publish a booklet published in 1996 about the Novouralsky Operetta Theater of the Urals


A man of the age of 45, kind, cheerful, must possess much experience and skill. He should work in a highly professional way. Such people usually have enough strength and energy. They ought to respect themselves and the people. We can say all these words about, the Urals Operetta Theatre, which birthday is in November, 5.
The founders of the Theatre are outstanding stage masters and the first of them are the Honored Art Worker, the Honored Actor of Russia V. Buturlin (chief producer of the Theatre), the Honored Actor of Russia P.Puzanov (chief conductor of the Theatre), the Honored An Worker of the Karelian Republic V. Skorik (chief artist of the Theatre). Their experience and skill have made possible for the Theatre to draw attention of people, become the favorite and gain prestige from the very beginning for many years.
Just from the first nights you could notice unusual for that time Theatre in which repertoire there is drama, vaudeville, musical and of course the Queen of “easy" genre - Operetta. Besides, the ballet participation practically in all performances adds to the high estimation of titanic labor, much strength, creativity and innovation which were contributed in our Theatre by its founders. Besides, all genres present on the stage have equal rights
The same variety of genres determines the present clay of the Urals Operetta Theatre, one the stage. It Russian regional theatres. But operetta has won the main part on find a classical operetta play, that hasn’t been staged here. Thebes!, coryphaeus-the founders, and that has made the theatre well-known, music of Calman, Shtrauss, Legar and Milyutin. “The Queen of Czardash“ "The Wedding In Malinovka" and “The Merry Widow” “Mr.X” and "Nitush" are always met with spectators applauds.

I. Kalman "Silva" (“The Queen Of Chardash”)
Silva - Larisa Usova, Edvin - Vladimir Guchenkov

I. Schtrauss “The Bat”
Rozalinda - Tatyana Uvarova

I. Kalman "The Princess Of Circus”
Mr. X - Vladimir Guchenkov,Teodora - Larisa Usova

I. Kalman "The Princess Of Circus"
Mary - Lubov Murzina, Tony - Arkady Kasatsky, Husband - Valery Gorelov

V. Pleshak "Silent"
Wife - T. Uvarova, Doctor - L. Zhitkov, Honored Art Worker of Russia. Husband - Valery Gorelov.


F. Erve “Mademuazel Nilush”
Korina - Valeniina Fedorenko, Major - Vladimir Pukharev

F. Lou “My Fair Lady”
Doolittle - Vyacheslav Serdukov, Honored Art Worker of Russia, Harry - Leonid Zhitkov, Honoured An Worker of Russia, Jemmy - Valery Gorelov


People's Actress of Russia, Iraida Likhachova-Kunina

I. Kalman “Dutch-Woman” Prince - Vladimir Guchenkov


F. Legar "Merry Widow"
Ganna Glavari - Larisa Usova

Innovation is the most characteristic distinguishing feature of the Theatre. So, if we remember the best years of the Theatre sessions, we’ll find the most unexpected methods and discoveries, that have been presented in a great number on our stage.
Especially the last works of the troupe seem fresh, interesting and not ordinary. “The Marriage Night” and “Reverses of Love” on music by Doneccetti, Rossini, Mozart, unexpected to operetta and classical musical “My Fair Lady’ have become a sudden paraphrase on the themes of rock operas and musicals “Cats, cats, cats. .." and the performance "The Quiet Family" which can't go without music of “The Beatles'.

V. Mozart “The Figaro’s Wedding”
Kozina - Elena Sokolova, Figaro - Vasily Ovcharov

G. Donicettl “Marriage Night” (“The Bluebell”)
Enriko - Vasily Ovcharov, Servant - Leonid Zhitkov, Honored Art Worker Of Russia, Pharmacist - Vladimir Rozin.


F. Legar “Fraskita” The actresses of the ballet

The young ballet company of our Theatre has greatly developed in recent years, due to attention and care of old skilled masters such as former ballet-master. The Honored Actor of Russia A. Horst and fruitful work of the present talented young ballet-masters N. Lepilina, V. Beloborodov. There are remarkable ballet-dancers T. Karahanova, D. Karpova, A. Yagoda, T. Zaytseva, N. Gribanova, l. Antonova, V. Dite, V. Dyomin, D. Orekhov, A. Kostyuhin, V. Volodkin.


Creative work unites the representatives of different generation in our Theatre. The star of the Theatre, the 1 honored Actor of Russia I. Likhachyova-Kunina is a real legend. She is considered bright comedy actress and it's the truth. Her play without any exaggeration is a real operetta. In her famous parts eccentricity, buff, grotesque, irony are combined with lyricism, truth and deep feelings.
The actors core of the present company consists of the Honored Actors of Russia V. Berdukov and L. Zhitkov, stage masters L. Usova, V. Guchenkov, V. Gorelov, V. Fedorenko, V. Kozin, V. Pukharev, L. Shakun and young and talented V. Ovchsrov (laureate of the M. Glinka and M. Musorgsky vocalists competition), E. Sokolova, T. Uvarova

"Gipsy Dance" Ballet soloists: Irina Bugaeva, Victor Volodkin

“Korrida” Ballet soloist: Anzhelika Yagoda. Vitaly Demin.

P. Abraham “The Ball in Savoy”
Ballet soloists: Julia Mamaeva, Anzhelika Yagoda, Dilya Karpova


Р. Ahrakham “The Ball in Savoy”. Madlen Tibo - Larisa Usova

Young spectators have always been welcomed in the Theatre. Now days these is enough number of musical tales in the repertoire. And how much fascinating music, humor, colors and whimsical children actions there are in the ballet “Doctor Aybolit"


I. Morozov “Doctor Aybolit” (ballet-tale)

At present the theatre is headed by V. Dolganov (chief producer), Y. Sosnin (chief conductor). T. Mirova (chief artist), A. Maximov (chief choirmaster), T. Karakhanova and A. Zhitkova (chief ballet-master).

Our Theatre performs on tour in many cities of the country. Its successful performances on large territories from Far East to the Baltic Sea and in Central European cities proves the company of the Urals Operetta Theatre to be bright and interesting.


Glaphira Mishlanova, Theatre Manager


Valery Dolganov, Chief Producer


Tatyana Mirova, Chief Artist


Yuri Sosnin, Chief Conductor


The Troup of the Theatre

The booklet was published by RIA "Polygon"
Editor: V. Urlapov
Design: R. Gabdullin, E. Borovkov
Photo: I. Burmatov, E. Dyakov
Novouralsk, 1996
The circulation is 3000 copies .

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